What do we do?

  • Bilingual Programs for schools all levels

  • Studio Owners Program

  • Brands 

  • Authentic Literature

  • Original and Folk Music

  • Professional Development seminars for Teachers and parents

  • Family Engagement activities

  • Networking Events for Educators

  • Artistic Performances in Schools and Theaters.


 Pikitin Learning Projects is a

woman-led-company with hearts full of passion for education. Our team of specialists in Early and General Education, Music Education, Literacy, Audio Visuals, Performing Arts, Authors, etc, have put together this remarkable program based on a variety of research about language acquisition through music.

Our Core

  • Aligned to the national and state standards of Early Education.

  • Contributes to the socio-emotional, cognitives and language development of children.

  • Through a multicultural approach, children will be exposed to learning a second language and a globalized methodology.

  • Cultivates the appreciation of music and literature. 

  • Well curated and customized content.

  • Promotes family interaction in the learning process.

  • Pikitin was created after studying the positive impact of modern linguistic and musical technics when learning a new language.

Board of Advisors

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